Thales Techno Days

To showcase the sheer breadth of its potential for innovation, Thales stages a Group-wide Thales TechnoDays each year. The exhibition was an eclectic mix of new ideas that astonishes, intrigues and fires the imagination. TechnoDays is now a first-class opportunity to showcase Thales R&D effort and present a selection of its most pioneering work.

The innovations come from all the Thales Group’s core markets – security, defence, space, civil aerospace and ground transportation – reflecting the breadth of Thales’s potential as a pioneer and innovator.

Here are some examples of the outstanding new technologies on display at Thales TechnoDays 2012 :

Video monitor with hand gesture control

This innovation enables airline passengers to use hand gestures to browse through their in-flight entertainment options and choose their programmes.

Advanced human-system interface

Drawing on new concepts of human-system interaction, innovations such as stereoscopic 3D touchscreen tables for command and control systems are creating new possibilities for operators of airborne maritime surveillance and intelligence gathering systems.

NavTrainTM – Mind the train!

Warning motorists of danger helps to keep down traffic accidents – and that’s the thinking behind the NavTrain™ app for smartphones. The app uses existing rail data to generate warning displays on mobile devices, alerting drivers when they are within a given distance of a level crossing, and issuing an audio alarm if a train is approaching.


Cybels provides a standardised representation of the cyberthreat environment, with a dynamic risk-management capability that offers an optimised overview of the security situation at any given time. It assesses the impact of a potential cyberattack and proposes appropriate responses to threats as they emerge.