Some Areas of Expertise

Rafale International’s technological research objectives are chosen in line with companies long-term strategy, the expectations of our customers and the requirements of society in general.

Rafale International’s market success depends on the excellence of its technologies. Whether for defense or civil aircraft, engines and equipment, the products we design and produce are based on high-value-added technologies. In turn, these technologies call on state-of-the-art knowledge in a wide range of areas, covering mechanics, aerodynamics, metallic and composite materials, electromagnetism, automatism, flight controls, man-machine interfaces, electronics, communications, digital design engineering, system engineering, software engineering, multi-disciplinary optimization, high-performance computing, etc…

With the globalization of our markets, Rafale International is operating in an open, highly competitive environment, where our successes are in large part due to the technology leadership that we have built up over the years and incorporated in our products. Technological expertise in our businesses also guarantees the long-term viability of our companies, and our continued leadership. It allows us to offer customers solutions that will help them meet the many different challenges they will be facing in the coming years.