The Technology


At the cutting edge of technological development, the three Rafale partners, Dassault Aviation, aircraft manufacturer and systems integrator, Snecma (Safran Group), engine manufacturer, and Thales, electronic systems provider, have based their philosophy, their passion and their history on technological excellence and innovation.

Engine for innovation

The interaction of Rafale partners’ activities, across the civil and military domains, is a powerful engine for innovation, allowing Rafale International to fully master in-house all the technologies needed to design, develop, produce and support combat air systems.
The research and development studies, conducted by the three partners, enable the maturing of new technologies that will be applied both to current programs and to future systems. Particular attention is paid to reducing environmental impact, program cycles and costs and to improving performance and safety.
The three companies are a powerhouse of technological developments in a wide variety of fields, extending beyond the aerospace sector. By being the first to succeed in passing directly from computer screen to runway with no paper blueprints or prototypes, Dassault Aviation has driven forward the aerospace sector and, beyond that, industry as a whole. This pioneering spirit has enabled to develop the digital factory and leverage whole new sources of competitiveness.
The three partners are the precursors as well as the showcase of French know-how in this domain.

Driver of applied research

Dassault Aviation, Snecma (Safran Group) and Thales cooperate internationally with more than 250 major research centers and leading higher education establishments on scientific topics of particular relevance to their fields of activity.
This collaborative research work feeds directly into the latest innovations, for the benefit of the Rafale and, beyond that, of other industrial sectors. As example, research carried out on nanotechnologies may have applications in the fields of stealth, infrared or aircraft anti-icing. Many of the labs cross-fertilize other domains, such as the medical sector, with the signal technologies and sensors developed for the requirements of the Rafale partners’ products.
These research activities are sustained by a strong involvement of Rafale International within educational institutions, through a continuous investment of Rafale partners in education, in cooperation with teachers and scientists, and in transmission of in-house know-how and technical culture to schoolchildren and students.