4 main domains

4 domaines

The Rafale Cooperation Program covers 4 main cooperation domains:

  • Massive sharing of aerospace technologies
    The Rafale companies propose their Malaysian Partners to share, both Rafale aircraft know-how  and advanced aerospace technologies, consolidated by  comprehensive  in-depth trainings, allowing Malaysian industry  to be part of RAFALE Supply chain companies and also to open new markets opportunities, both for military and civil applications.
  • Scientific cooperation
    A large Scientific Cooperation Program will be implemented, including:
    • Educational projects  matching needs commonly identified with our Malaysian Partners, and covering numerous different skills, from workers to engineers,
    • R&D projects, to develop, in partnership with Malaysian Universities and Companies, innovative and promising new high-value technologies, in line with Malaysian development priorities,

    This program will also focus on the promotion of extended and efficient relationships between Malaysian industry, academic institutions and R&D labs.

  • Business in aerospace sector
    One main target of the Rafale Cooperation Program is to invite Malaysian Industry to be part of the Rafale companies’ Supply Chain, through direct sub-contracting work-packages and also Foreign Direct Investments in Malaysia such as specific partnerships (JVs) between Malaysian partners and Rafale companies, or setting up of fully owned subsidiaries in Malaysia.
  • Industrial projects in other sectors
    The Rafale Cooperation Program proposes also business opportunities in non-aerospace domains, such as agriculture, agro-industry, healthcare, infrastructure, green technologies, city life environment…


The Rafale Cooperation Program has been designed to meet as much as possible the ETP objectives and the National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs)deriving from it. A special importance has been given to projects addressing Human capital development, Capacity building development and Investment & business development.
The projects which are proposed to our various Malaysian Partners are selected on sustainability and long term criteria and result from exchanges with Governmental entities, the Royal Malaysian Air Force, Industrial aerospace and non-aerospace companies, Malaysian academic and R&D community.