The Cooperation

A smart partnership approach

The Rafale International offer includes an unmatchable Industrial and Commercial Cooperation Programme in line with the ETP priorities, addressing most of NKEA’s sectors.

A long history of cooperation with Malaysian Partners

For many years, Rafale International companies have developed successful cooperations and businesses in the Defense and Aerospace sectors, making Malaysia a key partner on their export markets.

Thales has been in Malaysia for more than 30 years in aerospace, defense, transport and security domains and employs 120 persons. Thales has a long term fruitful partnership history with Malaysian industries (JV with Sapura in radio communication, Celestica Kulim as a key worldwide avionic subcontractors,….).

Dassault Aviation is operating a permanent commercial office in Kuala Lumpur, in charge of marketing and sales of Falcon business aircraft on the regional market.

Safran Group is present in Malaysia in the domains of MRO and biometrics and security systems. Safran Group has chosen Malaysia to host its third worldwide factory dedicated to aerospace carbon brakes.

A boost for the local Industry

The Industrial and Commercial Cooperation Programme is an outstanding opportunity to re-inforce long-term and large-scale strategic partnership between Rafale companies and Malaysian industrial partners.

Rafale International is offering a large and complete package of technological and industrial cooperation, allowing Malaysian partners, large companies as well as SMEs, to become part of its whole supply chain, via the manufacturing of strategic Rafale components or through participation in other aeronautical applications such as Dassault Aviation business jets, Snecma (Safran Group) civil engines and Thales.

This cooperation will create a significant number of sustainable jobs during the coming decades and will reinforce Malaysian capacities to address new markets and business opportunities.

To settle the foundation of this wide programme, Rafale International is working with Malaysian companies, public and private entities, covering areas of activities as varied as component design, composite manufacturing, system integration, health, agriculture, cities infrastructure, biomass, etc..

A unique opportunity for the academia sector

Human capital and technological development is a permanent concern of Rafale International. In this perspective, a large educational and scientific programme will be proposed in cooperation with our academic partners, in line with Malaysian Government top priorities.