Now for the future


RAFALE for MALAYSIA is envisioned as a comprehensive Program addressing the needs and requirements of the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) to perform its primary role in defending the sovereignty of Malaysia as well as involving the Malaysian Industry into a strong and long lasting cooperation with companies in French RAFALE Team.

The latest variant for Malaysia

The Omnirole RAFALE proposed to Malaysia is the latest variant in service with the French Air Force which is combat-proven and its induction into RMAF will be supported by a technical assistance in Malaysia as RAFALE will be supported for 40 years after the last delivery. This arrangement will allow a smooth and efficient ramp up of RMAF capability with the objective to achieve maximum autonomy in operating the RAFALE.

Why Rafale can benefit the local industry ?

Malaysian Industries will play a key role in the RAFALE for MALAYSIA Program and the envisioned concept is to federate several key Industry players with complementary capabilities in the domains of Aviation and Defence to become the Malaysian RAFALE Team. These partnerships will go beyond the RAFALE for MALAYSIA Program by offering other High technology co-operation as well as Education in line with the Economic Transformation Program.